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Jule Damaske, Schülerin des Englisch-Leistungskurses am Otto-Nagel-Gymnasium Berlin, berichtet über die deutsch-englische YouthSpark-Veranstaltung "Deine Zukunft zählt! Die digitalisierte Arbeitswelt von morgen rund um den Globus".
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veröffentlicht am 11.3.2014

"At Microsoft, our mission and values are to help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential.”

This is one of the main aims of the successful and famous company Microsoft.

On Thursday the 13th of February we had the chance to visit the company which is located in Berlin 'Unter den Linden'.
Being part of the English course of Mrs. Thiele we've talked about 'National Identity and Diversity' during this term. It fits perfectly into the student program of the company Microsoft in Berlin. So we met in front of the Microsoft house to start an interesting experience.

After the introduction of the employees which also included a few warming-up exercises it was our turn. As they told us we were divided into 3 groups with different tasks. In short order we recognized that the main task of the day would be the promotion of teamwork. Not for one moment we hesitated with our duty.

The first team attended to international communication and which criteria you have to bring for an international company like Microsoft. Fortunately members of the group could speak with people of other countries how they reached the international top.

Then the second track dealt with international companies. The group had to establish an own international tea company with different advertisement and slogans for different countries, cultures and habits. There it was clear how important it is to adapt on different life styles to make your product popular for everyone.

The last one had a more practical work. 'Designing an app' was the theme and they enjoyed to see how you can create an app with all the technical things. Finally, the product was an app where you could see a variety of desks with certain description from builder to teacher.
Afterwards a little refreshment by sandwich and juice all the groups presented their results on the small stage- in English of course.
So we also practiced beside teamwork our presentation skills.

Last but not least, the leader Thomas Schmidt planned a panel discussion. He invited four people from all over the world who talked about their life's journey. Personally, it was really inspiring because they convinced us that we can reach everything if we want and how great it is to gain experiences all over the world. We are young and the world is waiting for us. At last we could ask our questions to them which they answered with pleasure. In conclusion the school trip was a nice adventure where we learned how important it is to work in an organized team to come to success. As well we live in a society where travelling around the world and the opportunities of gap years, work and travels and social volunteer work are a huge possibility we should use.

Microsoft would say: Help people throughout the world realize their full potential.

YouthSpark Live:

YouthSpark Live events are an opportunity for young people to have direct engagement with Microsoft and local partners in supporting and planning their futures. The events have an overall focus on empowering participants for three primary pillars: Employment and 21st century job skills, entrepreneurship and the skills needed to run a Business, advanced technology skills and continuing training or education.
Throughout, events highlight the role that technology plays in all three pillars, as well as the programs and resources that can help them, made available through Microsoft and YouthSpark partners.